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Empowering DFW Real Estate: People's Title Launches with Cybersecurity & Customer-Centric Focus.

February 14, 20232 min read

DFW - People's Title is excited to announce its official launch as a title company in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. The company aims to empower individuals and provide exceptional title services with a customercentric approach. People's Title is an employee-owned company. Its commitment to providing quality and trustworthy title services is rooted in its values of employee ownership, people-centricity, security, integrity, and union.

People's Title recognizes the importance of cybersecurity in today's digital world and is dedicated to providing a fully secured and stressless closing process for its customers. The company's commitment to security is evident in implementing the newest cybersecurity best practices to guarantee a fully secured transaction process. The company understands the potential risks of transferring property ownership and takes proactive steps to prevent them before they occur.


What sets People's Title apart from other title companies is its mission to not only partner with agents but also to empower them as successful professionals. One way the company accomplishes this is by endorsing cybersecurity trainings for agents. By providing education on the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices, People's Title is helping agents stay ahead of potential risks and protect their clients' sensitive information.

Alongside its exceptional cybersecurity measures, People's Title offers a range of title services, including title search, title insurance, and escrow/closing services. The company's title search service thoroughly researches the property's ownership history and any outstanding liens or legal encumbrances, providing customers with peace of mind when buying or selling a property. The title insurance service protects customers and their lenders against financial loss due to title defects or liens on the property that were not discovered during the title search. Finally, the escrow/closing services aim to make the process of transferring ownership of a property as smooth and secure as possible.

With its exceptional title services, customer-centric approach, and dedication to cybersecurity, People's Title is poised to become a leading title company in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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