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Johnnie Morine

CEO / President and Co-Owner

Johnnie Morine is a prominent figure in the North Texas business community, known for his entrepreneurial prowess and dedication to excellence. As the CEO/President and co-owner of People's Title, Johnnie brings a wealth of experience in real estate, having founded and led The Morine Group, LLC, a successful brokerage with a boutique group of agents. With a background in technology and business from DeVry University, Johnnie further honed his expertise by studying Real Estate at the University of Texas at Arlington and Kaplan University. His career in real estate began with prestigious firms like Coldwell Banker, Fathom, Better Homes and Gardens, and JPAR, where he distinguished himself as a top-performing REALTOR.

In 2016, Johnnie took the leap to establish his own brand, The Morine Group, REALTORS, a move that solidified his status as a leader in the industry. Alongside his partner, Derick Townsend, Johnnie is actively involved in guiding People's Title to success, leveraging his keen business acumen and strategic vision. Under The Morine Group, LLC umbrella, Johnnie has founded several successful ventures, including Morine Empire Realty & Associates and Sayso Empire, a real estate holding company. His dedication to excellence has earned him recognition and awards both within the business community and for his humanitarian efforts in the Dallas area. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Johnnie finds immense joy in spending time with his family, cherishing moments of connection and shared experiences. His passion for both business and community service continues to drive him forward, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of working alongside him.

Lara Burris


Lara Burris is an integral part of the People's Title family, having dedicated her talents and expertise to our company for the past year. With an impressive tenure of 16 years in the title business, Lara brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, particularly excelling in areas such as accounting, compliance, audits, policies, organization, and management. Her unwavering dedication to excellence serves as a driving force behind the success of our team. Outside of the office, Lara finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her loved ones. Celebrating nearly two decades of marriage, she and her husband share a deep bond and take pride in raising their two wonderful children, James and Payton. As doting grandparents, they cherish every moment spent with their grandchildren, finding immense joy in watching them grow.

Despite her busy schedule, Lara remains committed to her passions outside of work. As a lifelong Cowboys fan, she eagerly supports her favorite team during every game, adding her enthusiastic cheers to the chorus of supporters. Additionally, Lara is actively involved in community service, whether through volunteering at local events or supporting charitable causes close to her heart. Lara's professionalism, expertise, and warm personality make her an invaluable asset to our team and a joy to work with. We are truly grateful to have her as a part of the People's Title family.

Kelly Norris

Sr Escrow Officer

With an illustrious 25-year journey in the industry, Kelly Norris epitomizes dedication and expertise, having risen from the humble beginnings of a receptionist to the esteemed role of Sr. Escrow Officer. Kelly's career crescendoed with a staggering 900 closings in a single year, a testament to her unparalleled work ethic and proficiency. Throughout her tenure, Kelly has navigated the complexities of various transaction types, seamlessly handling resale, commercial, refinances, and investor deals with finesse and precision. Kelly's adaptability shines as she embraces the ever-changing landscape of the industry, consistently staying abreast of developments and leveraging underwriters to ensure the highest standards of service and compliance. From prestigious corporate giants to intimate attorney offices, Kelly has left an indelible mark, excelling in diverse professional environments and earning the respect of peers and clients alike.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kelly's passion for learning extends to mentoring colleagues, guiding them through intricate deals with patience and expertise. Her commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment underscores her role as a leader in the field. Outside the office, Kelly finds solace and joy in tending to her small farm, where she cultivates a connection to nature and embraces a simpler way of life. As a grandmother, Kelly cherishes family time and embraces the joys of watching her grandchildren grow. Additionally, Kelly's nurturing spirit extends to her furry companions, as she lovingly cares for her beloved dogs and cats, enriching her life with their loyal companionship. In essence, Kelly Norris embodies the epitome of professional excellence, unwavering dedication, and a profound appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

Andrea Darrough

Escrow Officer Assistant

Andrea Darrough is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in supporting real estate transactions. As an Escrow Officer Assistant, she brings a wealth of expertise and efficiency to her role, ensuring that every aspect of the process is handled preparation, client communication, and transaction coordination, allowing her to navigate even the most complex deals with ease. What sets Andrea apart is her unwavering commitment to excellence and professionalism. She takes great pride in upholding the highest standards in her work, always striving to deliver exceptional service to both Escrow Officers and clients alike. Andrea's dedication to her craft is evident in every interaction, as she goes above and beyond to ensure that every closing is smooth and successful.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Andrea is known for her vibrant personality and infectious sense of humor. Her warm smile and positive attitude have a way of brightening up the office, making her a beloved member of the team at People's Title. Andrea's colleagues often remark that the office simply wouldn't be the same without her presence. In summary, Andrea Darrough is not just an Escrow Officer Assistant; she is a trusted partner in the real estate transaction process, dedicated to providing exceptional support and service every step of the way. With her expertise, professionalism, and uplifting spirit, Andrea is an invaluable asset to the team at People's Title.

Naomi Greenlee

Sales Executive

Naomi is a seasoned corporate professional with over 27 years of experience in management, customer service, account management, and sales. Her extensive background has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of servicing customers across a wide spectrum of situations, spanning both residential and commercial domains. Recognized as a consistent budget hitter, Naomi thrives on the challenge of meeting her personal goals and standards, which she sets at an exceptionally high level. Her competitive drive and positive attitude not only propel her own success but also inspire her colleagues to strive for excellence. Committed to fostering a collaborative environment, she goes above and beyond to support her team members in achieving their objectives.

In addition to her professional achievements, Naomi holds a Real Estate License and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Columbia College. Beyond her corporate endeavors, she is also a multifaceted individual, serving as the host of the BossMoves Talk Show, Communication Coordinator at her church, and spearheading the Mentorship program. Furthermore, her passion for giving back to the community is evident through her involvement with Habitat for Humanity. Naomi Greenlee embodies the spirit of leadership, determination, and service, making invaluable contributions both in the corporate arena and within her community.

Shikilia Caro

Sales Executive

Shikilia Caro is a seasoned Real Estate Broker and Licensed Insurance Strategist known for delivering legendary experiences to every client. With over 24 years of experience, she has cultivated a reputation as a master connector, building strong relationships that endure economic challenges. Shikilia's passion for helping others leave a lasting legacy inspired her to pen her first book, "Wealth is A Mindset." Her expertise extends beyond transactions; she's a mentor for Fort Worth's Start-Up Weekend and an author of Texas Real Estate Commission-approved educational courses. Shikilia holds designations for senior and probate real estate, showcasing her commitment to assisting clients during critical life transitions.

As a community leader, Shikilia served as Vice Chair for the Arlington Chamber Ambassador Team, contributed to the Run Women's Conference board, and was a member of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club. She was honored as Life Insurance Sales Manager of the Year, underscoring her dedication to excellence. Shikilia's communication skills and ability to navigate complex situations make her a trusted advisor. She believes in collaborative success, advocating for win-win outcomes. Additionally, her involvement with the Dallas Accounting Career Awareness Program demonstrates her commitment to empowering future generations in underrepresented communities.She developed a Texas Real Estate Commission-approved continuing education course titled "Can Your Business Survive a Tragedy?"

Debbie Nunis

Escrow Officer

Debbie brings a wealth of experience and empathy to her role in the real estate and title industry. With four years at Berkshire Hathaway as a real estate agent, Debbie intimately understands the challenges agents face and the emotions that both buyers and sellers experience during transactions. Her journey in title since 2019 has further honed her skills in navigating complex transactions with determination and grace. Known for her unwavering commitment, Debbie never gives up on a file, regardless of the obstacles presented by underwriters. She thrives on challenges, viewing each “impossible” file as an opportunity to excel. Her track record speaks volumes, having successfully closed numerous transactions against the odds, including seemingly small sales that posed significant hurdles.

Specializing in homes with deceased owners, Debbie's attention to detail and dedication shine through. She recalls a particularly intricate case involving ten heirs spread across the country. Demonstrating extraordinary commitment, Debbie personally traveled to each heir to ensure seamless signings and minimal complications. Her approach contrasts sharply with the indifference often encountered, as she prioritizes client satisfaction above all else. Beyond her professional achievements, Debbie's faith guides her purpose in life. She sees herself as a beacon of encouragement and hope, striving to uplift those around her. As a devoted wife, mother, and dog mom, she cherishes her role in shaping dreams and facilitating new beginnings for both buyers and sellers alike. Debbie Nunis’s passion for her work in title is evident in her unwavering dedication to her clients’ needs. She embraces each transaction as an opportunity to make a positive impact and create lasting memories for those embarking on new chapters in their lives.

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